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    Test and mast high dose causing headache?/ georgiepeck update friends

    On about 150-200mg test per week and coming off 200mg Tren right now as I just can?t digest anything
    Since I added in masteron around 700mg/week I have been getting headaches that feel exact same as when I crash e2 with Arimidex.

    I?m guessing I should lower masteron to 400-500mg a week?

    I?m also going to be switching to test/deca 500mg a week to use up my blended vials I need to get rid of.

    Rather lean now I?d say around 192lbs and blood pressure is great at 130 even on Tren ephedrine etc

    It could also be I have t taken caffeine in 2 days so maybe it?s just that withdrawal.

    Main reason I?m stopping Tren is this kratom (which I require to cope with life atm tbh. Took 2 day break to see how I felt). I need to be able to take kratom and Tren causes everything I ingest to sit in my stomach. On top of that I also get the constipation effect of opiates so Tren is just too much on top of that.
    Tren also causes me a whole host of other issues including thyroid problems/insomnia...and it even seems to make small cuts etc not heal...you can look that up it?s a common problem

    It also causes such strange mental changes; they aren?t all bad they just make you feel totally unconnected and cold. I don?t mind it

    I also just simply feel very nauseous every time I run Tren. I love accurate but when I combined the two I thought I was going to die of nausea

    The biggest issue of all is it basically causing me to be diabetic while on! My blood sugar drops so quickly and so drastically I need to drink 3+ Gatorade?s and eat a multitude of carbs throughout my work shift to avoid completely going hypoglycemic.

    The stuff works but I can?t afford to work as much as I do, require kratom , and keep up the Tren.

    Also on cardarine 20mg a day...haven?t even had to add cardio to this cut yet as I keep dropping weight eating whatever.

    Main question though is are these fucking e2 like headaches from masteron? I just don?t know
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