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    I still don't know where to get weed

    I googled for hours and I still can't any legit or safe way to get weed, people say you have to go to the dark web, that's cool and all, but you have to do all these steps and shit, get bit coins, also your address would be exposed and it could be linked back to you just like buying roids

    I asked a pizza boys and bartender but nothing yet wtf

    I know this escort that I saw one time, I have her snapchat, she always post pics of her weed, i could buy from her, but id rather not to

    How does a fella oldtimer do in this situation my nigga @MindlessWork

    I could try and apply for medical marijuana but the only condition I have is anxiety and don't know if I would approved my nigga, probably be ripped off by those doctors
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    I have nothing to lose anymore

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