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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Nah definitely didn?t brag about it that?s gross af I just saved it w/ caption for memories
    wait thats you

    yea typical scorpio, you guys thrive off this kinda sadistic stuff. its really amazing
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyBuddy View Post
    look at the superior hardness and definition you don't really think that's acheivable without heavy drug use?
    Quote Originally Posted by HaventFlinchedInYears View Post
    That dude is juiced to the gills though. I don’t understand
    Quote Originally Posted by Bulgarian View Post
    No way that dude is natty. Abs are a sign of long term roid abuse ask Moheem.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yacht View Post
    has to AT LEAST BE 3 cycles of ph's and sarms

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