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If you live with a woman long enough you will eventually see a bloody tampon in the toilet bowl, a turd bigger than your personal bowel movements in the toilet , experience the smell of dried up period blood on a set of panties that missed the hamper last week or have a woman who occasionally farts in their sleep. Lets not forget they shit out human beings where your penis and occasionally tongue goes as well.
If you can find a woman and imagine her doing all that shit and you are just that attracted to her enough so that it doesn't gross you out, grab that bitch and hold on to her for dear life.

I'd eat a bloody pussy out before i would ever suck a cock though...srs
What?s worse is when they talk about pregnancy and childbirth stuff like "Yeah, my OBGYN could feel that my cervix started dilating...", "my secretions are definitely milkier today" or anything involving their mucus plug.