Basically if you have a ton of matches the game is simple and goes like this.


1. Must be high, as fuck preferably (currently took some vyvanse and drank some Bombay Sapphire -- in the fucking zone m8)

Now that we have the rules out of the way, we shall continue:

1. Just say "Hey" to EVERY girl that you matched with today and so on. Keep going back and just say "Hey". I'm talkin rapid fire chit, it's basically a mass text to your most recent to your most last, just say "Hey" to plant the seed in 100+ chicks depending on how fast you do it.,

2. Depending on how aesthetic you are, while you are even doing step 1, girls will already be replying to the message you just fckn sent cause they're almost always on their fckn phones.

3. Once you get tired, stop, and now start mass initiating every sloot

4. Start mass initiating every convo without really thinking, just say whats on your mind but get some fckn game and have the objective to be get them to their place to yours in the quickest way possible (this may be the hardest part, depending on your game)

5. Keep mass texting and having convos with sloots and then keep narrowing it down even further and further til you nail the 2-3 that are DTF.

6. Now you can pick between 3 chicks on the spot, just pick the one and get the address or give her yours, or if that fails go onto the next sloot out of the 3, sloot 2 outta 3. And so on.

This chit ain't chess, it's checkers boyos

It's a numbers game

This strategy is the best and has never failed me