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    I 69'd a girl recently and her booty smelled like shit, but I kinda liked it.

    So I was 69ing a chick recently and as we all know that 69ing means a nose full of asshole. Anyways we're goin at it and I was breathin pretty deep and there was definitely a mild scent of poop. But not like I was smellin shit itself, just a light hint. I've 69'd many different girls and I've noticed there is always a variability on the shit-scent-scale. So like a 0/10 means she just showered and hasn't even farted once since her shower. 10/10 means she just took a mean Indian food shit and maybe wiped once with cheap ass shitty toilet paper. 5/10 means she shitted recently and wiped multiple times but didn't wet the toilet paper, etc.

    So this chick was rockin about a 7/10 which is different than most girls I've 69'd before where it's like a 2-3. She had definitely shitted since her last shower. Probably within the past 3 hours or so if I had to guess. Maybe at the bar I picked her up at so she could only wipe with the cheap ass shitty toilet paper they have there. So anyways I'm doin my thing with my tongue and smellin her shitty asshole and it actually turned me on. I fantasized about fucking that shitty asshole and pushing whatever shit she had in there in with my cawk, so I started fingerin it and she moaned like a whore.

    Eventually I turned her around and piledrived her pussy and when we went doggystyle I fingered her ass again. I tried to fuck her in the ass but she wasn't havin it. When we finished I took off and went home, and on the way home I smelled my finger. Smelled like shit, and it turned me on. I thought of that broads smelly poophole and how I wanna gape it with my cawk. Oh well, maybe next time, no regrets.

    Obligatory butthole pics:

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