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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
    Any type of girls for the right price 300 to 500$ an hr

    Married, but wants to cheat for any reason, if her husband cheats or just cause she wants to try something outside the marriage

    Or In a relationship

    Or Single

    Or to do 3somes... MMF/FFM

    Underweight/Overweight - Any weight basically

    Without any limits? Everything is permissible as long as no feces is involved

    Would you? Be honest

    You?re faith aside
    got a guy paying 350 (srs) per hour to do 3somes with my side hoe and im pocketing all the money, sude hoe just thinks i love MMF so she has no idea

    gonna up it to 380 per hour and say "the rent went up" lmfao
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