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he did make some good points tho
This guy who was in the israeli special forces and trains the israeli special forces to this day seems to rely a lot on kicks/punches/knees to the balls, kicks to the knees, and slitting peoples throat on their way down.

They train to kill people with their bare hands as efficiently as possible, absolutely no bullshit, and to do that you need real martial arts, Krav Maga is based on real martial arts, real martial arts are based on the human anatomy.

I mean Samurais would "play-fight" with wooden swords, wood sticks etc. but only to be able to kill more efficiently in battle/duels, and people died all the time from taking wooden training-swords to the head in training.

Thats how basically all martial arts came to life, they didn't invent them for sports purposes, they invented them for real life situations.

You are not going to bite the nose of a trained fighter and then expect him to just quit lol. you're only gonna make him more angry and give him incentive to really try to hurt you.