Thread in memory of @He who shall not be named, close associate of the Gang gang gang. better body than @Genetikk lifting 40lb dumbbells and eating bison meat. Levels and genetics and mindpower, R E S P E C T them. I'm bigger than 99% here drinking beer, dabbing, eating cheetos and lifting 2 times a Week. Natty test baby. gang shit

first, @injectormanestrikesback is not injectamane. Good impersonation tho. Wick Alts not injectamane. no idea who they are or if theyre Snoopybra (unlikely) but stop harassing my Lil Bro Snoopy.

the Wick trials are threatening to rip the forum apart - can we all be in agreement that the hounding of snoopy should be stopped. Dude did nothing wrong

shoutout bigbro Poni, Kylesa, Swoll, Injectatron, @DidNotReadL0L (the actual biggest winner on this site, natty family job hobbies. learn from him)