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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsickitpiss View Post
    What money though? If they were money hungry they would upload videos if they were money hungry they would have kept the patreon and banked 2k a month. Brad films Jason all the time and never uploads on tge misfits channel. Does not sound money hungry to me.

    I do think they enjoy the following and having fans and getting gifts which is fine they are pretty cool about meeting up with fans who come into town.
    Money from you tube, which while it isn't $10's of thousands every month does range in the $100's to a $1000 or 2 every month.

    Not huge but it makes the child support payments.

    And of course the T shirt sales. Sponsorship's Brad and Lenny have etc.

    And of course the social media attention they receive. Imagine how it is for 2 guys like Andrew and Brad, who are pretty low key nondescript guys, to be able to just turn on an instagram live and have 100s of fanboys talking to them. Not to mention everything else they are on regarding social media. That can be addicting.

    They know that Lenny is a big reason that they have a following, so they are not going to mess with that even if it does go against their values.....unfortunately.
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