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If natty tbh I doubt it matter cu your peak is gonna take years to reach anyways. If you?re growing that?s good

Steroids if you?re in surplus of cals you?ll never lose muscle so it literally matters NOT sat all

Is awesome
i noticed way better recovery with higher protein while bulking than i did eating just 1g/lb, for my next srs bulk i'm gonna go full old school retard and try for 400g a day for the whole 28wks

strength and recovery were no different natty, on gear it's been the complete opposite

i did low protein for about 2 weeks natty i think 2 years ago just to see what would happen and the only thing I noticed was an increase in cramps, like wake you up in the middle of the night and pray you don't die cramps. And that was honestly probably because I was eating way less sodium cause this was during my retarded low sodium days. Never tried it while bulking as natty but I remember reading that chinese olympic lifters eat less than 100g a day since they'd rather have the carbs. Not sure the validity of that