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Nothing wrong? 99% of every child that had downs syndrome had old parents. Special tests for older pregnant women that arent needed for women in their primes.

Honestly how masculine isnt it for a woman to prioritise career/partying/traveling over family? Every girl ive ever dated have wanted to have children before the age of 25. It says something about their morals in life. Coincidentally they have all wanted to work with children, as nurse etc.. all FEMALE occupations. Lol at manly bitches trying to ACT like men. NO MAS
Yeah, 99% of how many children? And how old is old? Which is the point here 40 is probably pushing it, and asking for trouble. Early 30s is not that much of a risk, and you increase your childs chance of success in other areas. Meaning a child with parents around 30 at birth is probably more likely to do well than a child with parents around 20.

Not much point in being healthy when you are a suicidal serial killer. This is not likely either, but neither is Downs. You can also not have the child with Downs, abortion exist.

I think we have been brought up completely differently though, so we are probably not going to agree here. But that doesn't really matter. I hope your plan works out for you, and I'm sure your future kids will be perfectly fine and cared for. I am sure the same thing will be true for Online Warrior too.