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Just numbs the pain emotionally and physically
Eventually we pay for it guys
Yes very true and the high is never good enough to outweigh the low you experience. Opiate WD is hell on earth so bad that while going through it you don't even really care if you drop dead and might actually welcome it. Kratom isn't as bad as actual opy's but still sucks balls coming off
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that only happens if you are a low self control ogre
This is true to a certain degree but no one starts doing drugs and says you know what I'm gonna become a junky. Its a progressive thing it took me 5-7 years to get to a point where I had an actual problem. Its progressive, everytime you use the next day becomes worse and worse. Eventually you are doing it friday and sat. You can stil manage to function the next week. Do that a few more months/years and you will start to be in WD for half the week so you start to take a low dose on monday and maybe tuesday and before you know it your doing it everyday.

I'm not even low self control I managed to quit heroin on my own (well with the help of my mom) by having her hold onto my stash in her safe and doing a slow taper over a year than switching to suboxone for 3 weeks and tappered that to zero and here I am.
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this that shit is basically oxy for hippie geeks that think its good cuz its a leaf but shits addicting af just like real opiates esp since some geeks drink ounces of it a day
yeah it is plus it has other effects such as SSRI activity and stimulant properties so the WD is multi dementional. Taking a reasonalble dose doesn't really have any WD but if you are taking ounces a day you are in for a bad time if you cold turkey. Like cold turkying a 60mg oxy habbit IMO
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Never done any recreational drugs but they gave me morphine after knee replacement and multiple tendon surgeries in my leg, and I didn?t shit for 11 days. It meant I got quarantined in hospital with no visitors as after the initial accident (at the Powerlifting British Nationals) I was given a tendon graft in a mainland hospital, so until they had a clear stool sample it meant I could have carried MSRA virus into local hospital.

When I did eventually shit, I bled even though they were giving me softeners every day.

That alone makes me never want to touch opioids ever again.
good for you don't ever do rec drugs no matter what anyone says you will never be 100% the same person prior to using them. I am very prone to opiate addiction though got 15mg vikes prescribed to me at 15 when I got epiditimitis I had no idea vikes made you feel any differnet just remember being in lunch at HS and feeling "complete" is the only way I can describe it. It was like something was missing my entire life and that pill just made me feel like I was supposed to feel. Opiates make me talkitive, social, motivated, basically make me function at a much higher level. I beleive this is what they mean by genetic predisposition to addiction, youre brain is lacking in something and a certain drug will balance you out and make you feel amazing while somone like you can take the same think and just feel tired and constipated. I would kill to be in your catigory
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Nice. Fuck Kratom, now you can tren hard. Tren did nothing to my digestion. Not a common side
is that you in your avi? Mirin hard as a tall brah I know how hard it is to fill out a frame like that good work