i will tell you exactly why felas take hormone ,,

bank of americana ,, 3 pm in the afternoon ,, inbetween lizzy the local stripper just entering the bank with tight shirt ,, short shorts that show thick feminine juicey legs attached to bubble juicy asshole,,lizzy is on her cell phone wearing her sun glases on her eyes or on forhead,, lizzy run inside dont look at any fella with her high heel slutty open toe shoes or with her flip flops,, in any case lizee has her bubble butt and perky pointy tits all tight and juicy wiht an all american abused doll look in her innocent...eyes,,

when this lizze runnin into bank and stand there half naked and tlak on cell phone she see jimmy the local town drunk ,, she see rodny the hard working fella who his wife cheat on him ,, she see richard the 20 year old 160lb kid that jack off to her in night and try to stare her down so he remember what she wear....she talk on her phone like she own the world ,, no one is around but her and her phone and her sunglasses....

but thennnnnn


the door to the bank of americana open ....and in the genetaicly gifter....born with muscle ,, anthonio ,, anthonio has a nice 220lb 6% that look like 250 lb 6% on a nice 5'11 frame and ofcourse he is not havifn a huge gut yet since nto abuser for many year of insulina.....

suddenly lizzy has a silence awkwadcy when anthonio open that bank door,,,he enter inside and think only interms of doing his thing,, yes he see the whore but he has whores like that lal dya long that are chemicaly attracted to him,,

so now lizzy see something she wants,, lizzy can not get it ,, she strart talking about how she need to work out her fat ass..to the other whore on the other sided of cell phone,, al in line to the teller....anthonio dont care,, lizzy has to say something now because she is THE stripper ,,she is half naked and hse has bubble juice butt and her tits has the perfect tiny nipples on nicely inclined titona fat tissue,, so lizzy says it like americano typical whore,,

what lizzy say?

she say

it looks like you need to work out! ha ha she even have the fake americano smile and the i will fuck you later if you talk to me for a second type of look ,,

and the story begin because anthonio is well....on lots of hormones and is not serious bodybuild...

THIS! is why most fellas do hormones my friend,,

you want the truth? i give you the truth

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