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    Think I crashed estro on 2.5 mg of letro over the past 5 days so gonna inject some test and eat some dbols on top of my current stack to get it back up. Noticed my joins were cracking here and there and literally dried out so added 1 and 1 together.
    Also, about to buy couple bottles of winstrol, anadrol, superdrol, and some deca, mtren, cardarine. Plan on doing some anadrol on 150-200 mg for a while, will do it with superdrol and mtren, will also try it buy it self and switch around with everything I bought. Saving the winstrol for later though. Planning on running mtren + superdrol for 12 weeks rn but might add some m1t and halo instead on the last 3 weeks. Might take a 1 week break with test if something crazy happens but think ill be fine lol.
    Got a lot of superdrol and mtren rn but plan on going on some crazy high doses for the next 2 weeks then using only 500 mcg of mtren for the rest. Will save mtren for when I can't gain weight rather than using it when I'm gaining lean muscle every moment. Superdrol on the hand, will probably high dose it with anadrol. Will also be adding npp at 200 mg every week just because injecting is fun asf.
    Now everythings getting fun lmao.

    Also,, @Myron Gains . Thanks for the advice brah, tried lots of probiotics before but didn't benefit much, gut issues were a lot worse a year ago and acid, fasting, maybe turpentine and like 50 other protocols helped. Glutamine is also useful when it comes to gut issues and if I watch what I eat then I'm usually good.

    Anyways just decided to update all of you!
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