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    Rep Power
    Change of plans: Only sleeping till 5 am from now on so I have 5 hours to train and a couple hours to study and eat afterwards. Not gonna eat as much, just gonna eat however much my body feels like. Half reps are goal. Too fat rn tbh, gonna get leaner as body fat is a waste, only need 3 to survive so stuff the rest. Still bulking and gonna just force everything to grow lol. Gonna experiment heavily with what I believe will work. Only doing full reps for squats. on 500 mcg of mtren rn, gonna do 150 mg of anadrol in about 30 minutes and also some cardarine, winstrol and clen. Also gonna do deca or tren depending on week. Will increase dosage of anadrol quickly.

    Change of plans 2:
    Cutting out all forms of tren lol, makes working out all day a pain.
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