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    The last four times porn star James Deen tried to cast a black male performer in a scene for his website, the female star or her agent refused.
    In another, Deen asked up front via text message whether a female performer had "issues with black dudes." She wrote back, "Personally no. Sexually, I'd rather not at this time lol."
    In the porn business, working with black male actors is often viewed as the final, most extreme frontier in a white starlet's career.
    Deen recently had an actress request an extra $500 to perform with a black man. In the case of contracts with big companies, female stars can get $2,000-plus for their first "IR" scene, according to one black performer who asked to remain anonymous so as to not associate that rate with the agency that employs him. In other words, in monetary terms, these agents, performers, and producers are saying that simply having sex with a black man is about 43% more difficult ? or more taboo, or both ? for the actress in the scene than it is for her to have two penises inside her at the same time.

    as if all this wasn't enough to prove BBC theory is an absolute joke, it's a well known fact most escorts reject niggas. BBC theory is just rubbish invented by coping niggas/ethnics/cucks like @playstationfan. Most females are repulsed by them

    BBC theory is probably the most stupid theory there is

    even the filthiest whores refuse to have sex with black males and they get paid lots of money for it!

    as a nigga, you are hated by everyone. it's beyond over for them. even escorts reject them

    Sure, you see the occasional nig with a white girl, mainly because she is fucked up, but for that one black guy with a 5/10 white girl, there are THOUSANDS of blacks dudes who can't even get a black woman, let alone a white girl.

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