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    Quote Originally Posted by Latino View Post
    Incel life 2019

    * Junk food perfected by scientists to taste incredibly good and addictive, made from fresh ingredients from all over the world, delivered to your doorstep with minimal social interaction required
    * Porn and escorts of looksmaxed girls who would be the most beautiful women on the planet in 1819
    * No disease, live to age 80 easily
    * Videogames as addicting as drugs
    * No stress, can just NEET and basically have unlimited free time and government provided money
    * Modern technology, can go to have a vacation on the other side of the world for cheap

    King life 1519

    * Food is some shit that has to be covered in spices to disguise the vomit inducing smell and taste. Can only drink beer since all the other liquids will give you diarrhea
    * Women all have smallpox scars and ugly bodies and faces from malnutrition, no makeup, no gym, no nothing
    * Probably will get some random disease at age 45 and die since your "doctor" will think the cure is letting leeches suck your blood
    * Shitton of responsibility for little gain, need to manage your shitty petty kingdom full of peasants who will probably revolt at some point
    I think you are 66% right.
    I recall Warren Buffett making a similar point in one of his lectures:
    like apart from a few things (i.e. flying private, tailor made suits...) many other aspects of life are exactly the same between the rich and the middle-class, and even more so the middle class today lives better than the upper-class of a century ago.

    Compared to a "King in 1519", health/medecine/food/sanitation, convenience, resources, perhaps stress, aren't even close.
    Other than having a lot of sq feet/meters and a bunch of servants, it's hard to envy the lifestyle.

    The problem with the other 33% is that people adapt their expectations and enjoyment to their surrodings or, anyway, to what they know is possible:

    - you won't miss not having a playstation, if you never knew it could exist and never played with it. Cards and darts will appear still pretty fun.
    - for sure it beats living in Africa, but being a poorish kid in a richish neighbourhood in the western world can feel pretty miserable, even if you actually are among the top 5-7% better off in whole world
    - no instagram models, no tv, long times to travel: the girls in your little town will appear pretty hot, you won't know any better and will definitely want to fuck them a lot
    - ...

    Also, I hate fucking with a bag, and I'm not so much into fucking girls that don't like me at least a little, so I don't really use escorts, yet somehow the idea of being a king and being able to fuck basically every foid from my reign I'd want to, by just snapping my fingers, and have half a dozen of handsmaids who would blow me every day during my morning bath, is really hhhnnggg.

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