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    I never understood why these geeks go ER

    just because of stupid women, is this real life? Once you realize what women are, just use them for sex, whether that is paying or not, doesn't matter

    They're weak blue pilled men who don't realize the true meaning of life. So what a bitch rejected you, big deal, move along, go fuck an escort, find hobbies, goals, etc. This where copes like mgtow can be of help.

    This is why you have to practice self-love and only visit forums like this at your own risk, knowing you have mental strength and enough red pills to handle it.

    If you can't handle this shit or don't have the right mental strength, these sites, approaching women, using online dating sites, etc would only take you further to snapping one day.

    I want a woman as much as the next guy but I also realize there are bigger things in life than that. I have lots of things I want to accomplish and do. I want to live long and see what happens in the future, will be ever be finally visited by aliens?

    Will finally go the mars? Will the truths of the universe be revealed one day?

    If you don't have mental strength, should just leave these sites and surround yourself in a blue pill bubble again. Practice self-love and find ways to boost your self-esteem. See a therapist.

    This is why I always leave the site, but later return when I have bad moments or I feel down, but I know is not ideal to be here and as much as I handle it. It's not good for your mental state.

    We would ALL be better of if we weren't here and forget about all this red pill nonsense.
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