All of us come here because we have no friends and people to talk to, I don't give a shit if you say is because you're bored, accept it, you're life is boring, because you have no life, that's why you're bored. You are an outcast, you're different, you're not normal. Normal people don't post on forums like this one, not even regular forums. People cope with, we are red pilled, were enlightened, lol pure cope, we are mentally troubled. We have sociopathic tendencies and maybe a slightly higher iq and knowledge than the average person.

You will al be better off not being here and returning to a more blue pill bubble. Ok, you're red pilled now, but what's the point of talking about the same shit over and over again. All the topics are the same shit just regurgitated. There is nothing new.

Anyone here who says they're not depressed is a fucking liar or so deep in their shit that they can't see it. We've been depressed our whole lives. We all have lower self esteem than the average person.

Every time I return to this site, I feel more depressed, my self esteem is lower, my view of the world is bleak, etc.

Maybe is time for all of us to leave

Maybe is time for a change

I'm taking many fitmiscers with me

and there is not the mods can do about it