Drank whole bottle of wine in about 30 seconds

I am 22
I make $57,000 after bonus (we get it 99% of the time)
I found out I am basically getting a double promotion- I skip the bad shift and go straight to days like 7am-5pm shift

I imagine for my age working 50 hours a week for $57,000 a year is pretty good??
I plan to move out and get a new mustang soon since my lease is expiring

Also, Idk why I always get hung up on these loser bitches; all the girls I?ve liked have no success, no career plan, are not even that hot...I just wanna fix them and that?s my main flaw: being a people pleaser

I am set right now to make $100,000+ by around 28-30 years old at the latest

Irl I?m not even ugly you can add me on snap I?ll send you pics lol
And I have a good physique for gymming 2 days a week the past year...


What is wrong with me