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    Pissed away my youth as a subhuman natty. My transformation on H-drol/T-bol. 37 lbs of lean muscle mass in 9 months.

    Genetically burdened super-ecto from puberty.

    Finally gathered enough courage to take the plunge at the age of 28.

    Chose H-drol (prohormone equivalent of T-bol) from the now defunct UK-based company Dragon Nutrition.

    Everyone on the internet was saying 8-week max cycle with heavy (and expensive) cycle support or your liver will die.

    Felt so good that I said fuck it and took just one three-week break in 12 months. With no cycle support. Tests showed liver levels elevated but nothing drastic. Today I'm almost 36 and feeling fine.

    Don't remember strength gains except on bench. Went from 4x235 (yeah, that frail 160-pound fuck was actually benching 235) to 10x265. Severely dislocated my shoulder years prior in an accident so could never push myself after that on the bench.

    After years of training natty, I had no idea what a game changer roids -- especially one little roid like h-drol/t-bol -- could be. I can't even imagine what I could have accomplished running a legit cycle at that age.

    No side effects aside from puffy nips which I treated with ATD. They never returned.

    Moral of the story: Stay natty if you're confident and genetically gifted with good proportions. Otherwise, life is too short to squander on insecurities and doubts. And youth even shorter. As for me, I went from subhuman to demigod in about six months, both internally and externally. The amount of validation, attention and positive reinforcement that I started to receive was intoxicating.

    It's never too late to start, but the earlier the better I say. When your skin is still fresh, hair still thick and you're perceived by people (and especially prime females) as a young, healthy, vigorous Achilles instead of an old, coping, balding Agamemnon.

    Caveat emptor:
    But remember, roids will shut you down and PCT is a bitch. So if you're going to start, best to never come off. The first year will be the year of amazing virgin gains and feels as your body comes in contact for the first time with an anabolic compound. Then there will be a plateau and you'll have to ask yourself: do I want to maintain or keep growing?

    Also keep in mind that the sides were very mild on h-drol/t-bol because they're non-aromatizing. But if you venture into the world of stronger compounds, then gyno, hair loss and severe acne all become a possibility.

    Age 28:

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