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    Hi lads, long time lurker, first time poster here.

    Long time lurker,first time poster.
    Few quick questions.

    1- What?s up with this new piece of shit layout ?
    2- Did Peyton make it ?
    3- How come I cant log in with any of my numerous sock accounts ?
    4- Did Pakichad finally go full blown ethno diarrhea Doug MacRay and made the Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts news ?

    Shout out Aziz the realest muthafucka in this place, having his way with fat bitches on abandoned construction sites, pulling rusty thumbs out of a decrepit lady?s loose asshole and giving himself facial exfoliation sessions with some Italian exchange student?s dirty underwear while the bitch was watching like some extra degenerate master race non violent Ted bundy ....all this while making 550 post per day with his Mew account.

    Also big shout out to Massiveloads 420 and all his black accounts.
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