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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBlood View Post
    Ain't shit happened to my posting style fag.

    I still like who I like and call out bullshit like you.

    Meanwhile you're a insecure loser who hates on anyone who bests you and everyone knows it. You'd kill to know who I am, but you don't have enough street cred to get it done.

    "Call out bullshit" you mean cry like a 9-year-old girl whenever you dont get your way. No there was no bullshit to "call out", you just turned into a pissy little bitch because I wouldnt agree with you about one thing.

    Actually I'd say your posting style has changed, you dont put nearly the same ampunt of effort into convincing everyone how tough you are, how dangerous you are (<-LOL!), how many friends you have, how smart you are etc etc instead you sound rather defeated most of the time, as if you finally accepted that youre an insecure friendless tryhard loser and dumb as a rock.
    Not to even mention that you've started taking several days away from misc only to randomly pop back in to post random teenage intellect shitposts that nobody reads or responds to.

    By the way, "who hates on anyone who bests you and everyone knows it" 1. Strong projection 2. Guaranteed if I asked you to provide examples to support this claim you couldnt come up with any because 3. Youre desperately throwing shit on the walls hoping for some of it to stick
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