In 2012, Eric was a young polish adolescent male with lots of hope and potential.

He had a full head of hair, he was healthy, he was mobile, he could wipe his own ass. He was young and could use his time to pursue a rewarding career. He could be a medical doctor or a space engineer!

Fast forward to today...

Erica Cucknevstein is an angry Jewish steroid drug addict!

So sad!!

He?s so insecure and addicted to having big steroid muscles that he?ll even obviously inject his muscles with site enhancement oil!!!

Lmao, come on Goldberg Cucknevstein, did you really think we couldn?t notice???

Imagine going from a man with a full head of hair to a man who?s abusing steroids, hgh, insulin, dnp, t3 etc just for plastic trophies!