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    Reminder: There is a heirarchy on fitmisc


    There is no denying this fact.

    This has become even more evidently apparent in the very last few days since I posted my selfie on this forum, specifically around 74 hours ago.

    Since then, things on fitmisc changed. You can still feel the ripples, many users are still displaced in shock and fear, they don't know what to do, or how to act just yet. @eod98 will start prophesizing about this, very soon. Im sure he already has

    @Macer has been even more obsessed with me. She hasn't even signed on another alt since, nor has she slept. I am constantly on her mind. She can't stop thinking about me.

    The mental and emotional abuse I have caused to her is uncontrollable and undeniable. It has caused her severe depression, to the point of almost suicide. She is seeking help from professionals as we speak to help her cope with the depression I have caused to her. They are testing different types of anti-depressants for her now, because she can't stop crying for me.

    Now, as we already know, in the last 24 hours, I have reached over 120 likes total on bumble. That is almost twice as many as my prior record (last week). That means, over 120 females, in the last 24 hours, are crying for me. This is all very true.

    Meanwhile, low t subhumans like @stahl will never have a single tear shed for his pathetic subhuman existence.

    He is devistated.

    He has probably contemplated suicide over this about a 100 times already. By now, he has probably considered ending his life over 1000 times from the sheer abuse, and the bullying i have caused to him. He is traumatized for life. I can just imagine this low t subhuman riding his moped so angry and hurt at the bullying I have done to him, with snot dripping down his face, he can't stop crying.

    I don't think he will ever recover. I am being 100% serious.

    @thesavagestallion has now gone missing. He has spent the last 3 days dry fasting, doing cardio, while contemplating how he can avoid inviting me to EDC, because he is scared and worried since i posted my photo, he didn't think it would happen. For me, to arrive and mog him to the grave in front of his own peoples. He is starving himself as we speak and doing cardio, he is very worried, and overtaken by anxiety.

    @YCKMCIAIY or whatever this coping homosexual made his username this time, has been crying for me and dancing for me more than ever. You would think that this subhuman and his little passive agressive low t high e low iq remarks would come to an end after I brutally destroyed him and proved to him false about being fake, but he still can't stop crying for me. He still begs for me and cries for me like the obedient submissive beta cuck dog he is.

    My bullying has caused him to delete all the body building content he has spent weeks preparing on his iphone, because I bullied him, just one time. He does everything and anything to appease me. He dances for me like the submissiv dog he is. This obedient homosexual will keep dancing for me

    @bigmane123 is still recovering from the last bullying. He is physically and mentally scarred from the abuse I have caused to him he is even disabled and cannot go to the gym anymore. My bullying has caused his cortisol levels to spike to a level that his body almost suicided itself. He's lucky to still be alive.

    @Lil Flinch is still too scared to come back after the way I bullied him into submission with my superior definition, it was so agonizing and painful for him to bare, he changed his user name and ran away. He won't be back. He can't endure anymore mogging. He's terrified.

    I have probably caused most of you severe depression to the point of suicide, many times. And if it has not happened yet, then it will most likely happen, very soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyBuddy View Post
    look at the superior hardness and definition you don't really think that's acheivable without heavy drug use?
    Quote Originally Posted by HaventFlinchedInYears View Post
    That dude is juiced to the gills though. I don’t understand
    Quote Originally Posted by Bulgarian View Post
    No way that dude is natty. Abs are a sign of long term roid abuse ask Moheem.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yacht View Post
    has to AT LEAST BE 3 cycles of ph's and sarms

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