Been lifting for 9.5 months at this point. Had sleep issues the whole time but it's been crippling the past few months. Like 2-5 hours a night and never straight sleep. Anyways despite starting tren sleep is now starting to improve (although I still wake up 4-5 times per night) so I'm gonna get back to the grind and log it.

I currently weight 203-205lbs and am looking to cut down to 185 over the next 3-4 weeks. After than I'm going back to bulking.

I am on 120mg/wk of test and 5 days ago added in 350mg/wk of tren ace.

Yesterday I got a bunch of raws in the mail so I'm going to be doing 10mg of cardarine per day, 10mg mk677 per day, and yohimbine/albuterol/caffine for stims. Also going to start telmisartan at 30mg per day because my systolic is 140 in the morning.

I actually look worse than I did a couple weeks ago just due to the flatness especially in my chest:

My workout routine is currently this:
Monday: Shoulders
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Chest
Saturday: Arms
Sunday: Rest

But once I start bulking it will switch to this in order to bring up my weak spots:
Monday: Legs/abs
Tuesday: Chest/triceps
Wednesday: Back/biceps
Thursday: Legs/abs
Friday: Shoulders/triceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Arms/obliques