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    Anyone else a hypochondriac here?

    I was always a bit of a hypochondriac but now is out of control

    is worse than social anxiety as with social anxiety, you simply avoid people and done, or you use booze or drugs, done

    with health anxiety, you have the fear of death
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    Drugs also solve this get some opiates get addicted then all you will worry about is getting more
    Quote Originally Posted by jasonblahadisciple View Post
    i did go to school months ago hadto stop when i went to mental hopsital
    i might go back
    idc about my life anymore tbh just buying steroids with my benefits and getting huge
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    @MindlessWork can we ban Latino for 1 day then let him post and then ban him for one day etc and so on, s9 that he's only allowed to post every second day.

    Imagine how autistic he would go lmao
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