1. If a guy takes 100mg dbol/day, how much test E would give equal gains? 1-2g?

2. Is 100mg dbol superior to 100mg anavar on a bulk? Not talking water here but lean mass

Honestly dbol seems like the only good oral to take and gives a good mood... no wonder the 70?s pros were popping blue hearts like candy. Imagine if they did the same thing with superdrol or winstrol: become zombies or get a broken shoulder joint

-anavar/tbol: weak, waste of money
-superdrol/M1T: AIDS lethargy
-winstrol: makes my joints akin to that of a 80 year old rheumatic patient
-anadrol: bloat impossible to control with AI, prolactin, headaches
-epistane: lethargy

Any other strong oral that doesnt cause horrible lethargy?