I tried to keep everything sterile but it still fucked up after I injected tren in my quad. Got a massive abscess in my leg which I first thought was pip/hematoma. It got so bad that I was paralyzed and couldn?t walk. I was hospitalized at the surg. Department. They saw everything on the xray and realised I was injecting.

Had to spend nights with snoring 80 y o and the hospital staff kept asking me why I was injecting. I promised the surgeons that it was the last time I did it and Ill throw everything away once I get home.

Now wtf am I gonna do? I dont feel like injecting again because if I develop another abscess its gonna be horrible to return there again. The surgeon warned me of septic chock and necrotizing fasciitis. And it will probably fuck up my medical journal for the insurance companies.

I just want to run on an oral for a while, planning on getting dbol and running it at 40-70mg/week. Want to add a few lbs muscle and then just maintain. I could stop completely but I look like an anorexic patient without gear and have to be overreligious about diet/training.