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    Quote Originally Posted by Banenetikk View Post
    Yea you addmitted to pinning like 4-5cc at a time almost daily so it was probably bound to happen sooner or later

    Learn by mistakes I guess. I got a nasty hematoma in my glute pinning like that
    Yes maybe I should keep pinning, was so happy on my NPP/mast and was about to drop tren. Permarunning orals dont seem like a good alternative

    Ill Lower the doses to:
    150mg test e
    700 NPP
    400 mast
    and pin E3D and pin 2ml/site and be extra careful now

    For ppl wondering: i got blood poisoning from the abscess. The leg swelling became big like a basketball and they had to give me IV antibiotics and prepared for emergency surgrry incase it got worse. Had no redness but it was warm and hurt like hell. I was paralyzed in my leg when I came to the hospital. I just thought it was a temporary hematoma at first and tren pip but in the span of 2 hours the swelling increased 4x in size and I felt sick like I got malaria
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