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Man wtf lol. First off, had did you not even notice it at first? Didnt they shit turned all kinds of colors/lumpy and hot? Also just how? Srs. Bacterial? Do you not wipe down after you inject on the spot? How many ccs were you doing??
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You clearly weren't using sterile technique

but some real talk, if i injected and developed an infection like that i'd probably put down the gear for a while and just reevaluate and focus on my health.

the fact you're itching so hard to go back to gear is a sign of mental immaturity (no hate) you need to adjust your priorities. i mean an infection can happen to the best of us, but not stepping away from it after it happens is more concerning than the abscess imo
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Were being trolled

I?ve had an abscess before

They take days to develop. Not 2 hours. And longer to go septic. Again I?ve been through all this. You?d still be in the hospital right now.

Also, tren ace doesn?t cause pip. If it?s been filtered it will not be painful ever.

@MindlessWork can we ban this fella for trolling?
You guys know a bit more than me about gear.

Is it possible to develop an abscess from dirty gear? Is this a common thing or do abscess or infection almost always come from contamination during injection.

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The swelling got 3x bigger over 2 hours while I was sitting in the couch and when I got up i couldnt walk. I put my hand over the area and it was the sixe of a basketball. I realised it was an infection, so i called for an ambulance

I could feel it 2 days earlier (2 days after pinning leg) but thought it was some temporary hematoma/pip but tried not to think about it until it got unbearable
Please provide one many evidence you have on hand.