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Thread: On KETO DIET

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    This suicide cut is going great. I am calling it ansuicide cut because I hope it kills me.

    Anyways, I dryfasted with no food or water for 30 hours. Then I began the next day with only about 20 carbs max.

    Going to keep this up by just eating chicken breast and thighs all day and maybe some cheese etc

    So far I have terrible headaches and insomnia and feel super shitty!

    Cutting cycle is 250mg Test E 700mg Mast E
    Keeping estrogen crashed tbh to melt fat quicker.
    Clen 20-40mcg per day.
    When I stall I will add my prescription T3 in at 25mcg a day.

    My end game plan to really shred the last fat off is to consume only protein shakes , at around 1000 calories a day and then add cardio.

    Here I am start of week 2. 181lbs
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