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    The girlfriends I had before, they all made it obvious they wanted me

    I had 3 girlfriends in my entire life, they all basically approched me or made it obvious that they wanted me, so I knew for a fact they were single and it didn't take much effort, surprisingly, the 3 of them were from my home country

    My incel problems started when I came to this country, not only all women here think they're hot shit but standards for men are through the roof, doesn't matter if I go for latinas, as they're all americanized and in the same shit mentality

    I did approach women in the past, but they were all taken, I was never truly rejected, then again, I'm decent looking and I'm going to approach women are in my level and those almost always taken

    I always refused to go for women I don't find physically attractive, I just can't do it. I've disregarded women who showed interested in me just because I didn't like the way they looked

    Same goes for hooking up for sex, is already difficult as it is and taking a girl to your apartment for sex, what are the chances she'll be attractive? put so much effort in clubbing or bar to take a bbw home ? fuck that

    This is why I started seeing escorts, I can fuck some good looking sluts and not bother with any of that game nonsense

    doing that raised my standards for women even higher now, so most women I don't even find attractive


    I'd rather be single and have people think oh that guy is cute maybe he has some women or something on the side than them seeing me holding hands with an ugly jane or BBW

    fuck that

    rather have people wondering that dispel all cope that I can't do better than a fatty or ugly girl
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    Yeah things are just supposed to happen. That's why i don't get incels and FA's because they are basically stuck in the matrix for whatever reason and nobody shows interest. Ask any FA or incel and they will tell you they get zero interest from anyone in their league.

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