i fkin lol at all these fkin retards that look like absolute dog sht think anyone gives a fk they can bench 4 plates or squat 5 plates and deadlift 6.

horrible genetics phaggots coping with strength.

So fk off Larry Wheels, Dylan Mckenna, David Laid, etc u all look like dog sht stop coping with ur strength and all those faggots that follow these retards while they sell them scam programs.

brb the king of aesthetics zyzz couldn't even bench more than 2 plates yet had the goat bod.

u fkin go to the gym to get a good fkin aesthetic bod to bang/pull girls easier yet these kids are trying to impress other men with their numbers lol. some of these faggots make money off this so that's the biggest reason.

if u don't get a good bod in 1.5-2 years of lifting then gtfo and find something else to do cuz ur genetics are sht so stop coping with trying to impress ppl with ur numbers now.

do u think a girl gives a fk about ur bench lmao

just fkin lol at those failures that compete and take steroids and still look like dog sht (yes u effer), wtf is the point of competing. i will never understand sacrificing health yet still look like sht. that sht looks fkin nasty, aesthetic muscle to pull bishes should be the goal. no one fkin likes that nasty steroid look and girls find u even worse than dyel skinny faggots.

how does it feel ur a the absolute bottom of the ladder whilst taking steroids and sacrificied ur health, while the skinny faggot who doesn't even lift is above u