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    How big of a game changer is HGH & slin?

    It feels like you can't get "massive" IFBB-tier with just gear, tons of guys here are blasting steroids for years and are still pretty small imo. The freakiness era of bodybuilding started when GH was added and then finally insulin took it to another level completely. There's diminishing returns on steroid doses where the body can't synthetize more muscle/hour even if you add more gear. I ran crazy doses before and the gains didn't justify the doses I was running.
    I started another sdrol cycle right now and gained decent mass from all my cycles but still a far cast away from being "huge".

    Lets take an intermediate lifter on 3g gear/week (Tren, test, deca, anadrol)

    Then give him 6IU GH & 40IU Lantus

    How much of a difference would that make?
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