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haha im pretty sure i did respond to my first cycle fella. I obviosuuly didnt make the most of it though but I think in the last 2 years ive learnt more about lifting and life in genral as well as my own body and im confident I can make the most of this cycle, Ive already started taking the mk677 and the ostarine, mk677 giving me a huge appetite boost which i think could be key for a naturally very skinny guy like me who needs a helping hand eating enough. The real fun begins on monday with the Test and Tbol. Anyway just smashed a back and shoulders workout (with a little bit of biceps thrown in) , it went something like this:

5 sets of seated DB presses
4 Sets OHP
5 sets of pull ups (Changing the grip on every set )
2 sets of the lat pull down machine
3 sets of DB rows
3 sets preacher curls
3 sets concentration curls

This is a pretty standard workout for me, I change the details here and there but the core stays the same, what do you guys think? Im open to critique and im sure theres a lot of ways i could be training better so feel free to criticise me as it all helps in the end
tfw no motivation to lift those kinda volumes

i honestly still progress (at 110kg with 12% body fat and 8 years of lifting and countless high road phases) on 300mg test with like an hour of lifting

but when i lift i lift like a madman; heavy and wrong; it is what makes my muscles grow and i think many people fall into the trap of thinking they need to do heavy amounts of volumes - once you stimulate your muscle that's it!

i don't think lifting 40 sets will help you progress

exercise selection doesn't matter; do whatever you can feel in your muscles and what allows you to lift heavy weight

my recommendation of your stuff:

3x extremely heavy db presss OR hop to failure
3x extremely heavy weighted pull ups or lat pulldowns with same grip
3x extremely heavy db rows
3x extremely heavyy curls

that's it, go home and eat and rest

pls dont do multiple variations of the same exercise its just bullshit

(unless your on slin and dbol and all you want to do is stretch our your fascia)