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    Quote Originally Posted by Banenetikk View Post
    Substitute one of the flat chest press movements with an incline one for upper chest thickness

    Add some sort of leg curl for hamstrings

    Other than that I think you re fine.

    Also this is just personal preference, not that there is anything wrong with var but I typically prefer to let the injectables do most of the work when bulking
    My uni gym doesnt have an incline barbell bench unfortunately so will I be good to use to DB incline press. Swapping the regular DB press for incline seems like the most logical thing to do here, same number of sets and same structure to the workout that way.

    Also just went to the gym and a girl from my course said i was looking bigger than usual haha, only been on AAS like 11 days already getting some mirings haha. I also just out of curiosity used the body composition analysis machine at my gym, i doubt these machines are very accurate but I was curious anyway, the resukts have been emailed to me so ill post them here later
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