I do door dash on the side and had to deliver in a ghetto area east of Downtown LA called East Los Angeles Place is 99 percent Mexican and ghetto af.

I pulled up to make my delivery. 4 Guys approached my car and motioned for me to roll my windows down. I did and they flat out told me I wasn?t allowed to park there because I?m white. Okay whatever. I park down the street and call the house I?m delivering at to tell him I?m coming. I make the delivery and walk down the street and literally right before I get to my car some wetback runs up from behind and breaks a beer bottle across my neck and his faggot friends precede to stomp on the back of my head. Not long after someone comes out and threatens to call the cops. I had to drive myself to the hospital. I had pieces of glass jammed into my neck. Had it been a few inches deeper it would have been all bad brahs. The cuts on my neck are still fucked up looking. Will post pics later. Fuck wetbacks and fuck liberal