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    Chaturbate nowadays: wtf?!? Could someone explain?

    A few years back I used to go to Myfreecams once in a while ( I guess I must've jerked off like a dozen times total.)
    Never bought tokens. I Gave just a brief look to some similar sites (they didn't seem as good tbh), but that was it.

    Anyway, today, on a italian forum, someone posted a link to a Chaturbate room.
    Eventually I discovered that it's full of couples (or 3-4 people too) having hardcore sex live.
    On MFC it was mainly girls solo, obviously, with some girlongirl and seldomly a cock sucked (generally the guy has his face hidden though).

    The crazy part it that it doesn't even seem like they are getting any relevant number of tokens.
    So many are doing the same thing anyway, years back I guess it would've been way more of a novelty.
    So, lol, fuck that. Sounds like a counterproductive choice.

    Which one is it, then:
    - they are desperate
    - giving it a chance; no future plan/chance of becoming a white collar/teacher etc. anyway
    - they simply enjoy being seen having sex, perhaps they'd do it even free let alone for some money no matter if not a lot

    That is why models get fifty to sixty percent. So for models:
    20 tokens = $1;
    100 tokens = $5;
    500 tokens = $25;
    Lol: people tipping like 1 token.
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