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    the military is hell

    work with the stupidest motherfuckers you've ever seen in your life

    no one cares about anything, literally no one cares or has any passion what so ever in their job

    everyone just cares about their paycheck, their phone, and buying alcohol at the end of the day

    over half the people in the unit are malingering and get to skip work while the rest of the soldiers have to work more because of them

    your superiors are bums who stayed in the military because they have no work ethic and couldn't make it in the real world

    and YOU are on the same level as them, even less than them

    I am given less privledges and responsibility, than the goddman motherfucker who is 40 thousand in fucking debt, overweight, and cant show up on time.

    think about that

    the person, who cant handle their finances, who cant handle their weight, and who cant even show up on time to work, is the one that's in charge of ME, and is the one THAT IS BERATING ME OVER USELESS SHIT THAT DOESN'T MATTER

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    thank you for your service

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    I could have told you that lol

    I thank them for the free college but that?s about it

    Overall shit experience

    Its just a job that doesn?t end. Only benefit is having camaraderie but that even depends,

    Depends greatly on your MOS and leadership tho

    I have some family who love it

    Killafornia says he loved it but when he was in he hated it

    Grass is always greener
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