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    Quote Originally Posted by Inshallah_blaha View Post
    This pops up once in a while. But the Jihad never targetred him in person. Cuck finn was the one time. For most it was a step to far.

    The jihad got him by ruining his life, exposing his lies, ruining his relationships, exposing him.

    To counter this he has given up his life. He basically stopped living. He sits alone all day in his flat hes turned into a gym wearing booty shorts never interacting with anyone telling fake stories of a fake succuessful life.

    There is nothing the old jihad would do to him now either. Because he has literally given up on life.

    Hes scared to conment on any page he doesnt control fully ffs.
    Doesnt leave his cuck shack
    No friends
    No family
    No women.

    Hes been humiliated to the point a normal.human would rather die.

    This about how happy he is because he finally has one person who will associate with him. A 40 year old man is giddy than some teen online doesnt view him as a piriah.

    Beyond pathetic
    "I'm still here, I'm still breathing.."

    Every now and then I check this thread to see if Jason has finally manifested his destiny and committed suicide by cop/active shooter. Looks like that hasn't happened yet nor has he made an inch of progress in his life. In fact, he looks like he's even lower down dumps nowadays.

    Imagine never interacting with humans in real life anymore or even leaving the house to do anything other than buy groceries because fear has taken your life hostage. If Jason could, he'd probably just order everything online to include his groceries but too bad Amazon doesn't take welfare. Jason will never find another girl to talk to, won't even have the money to spend on a prostitute. Will life ever be normal for this poor guy?

    Edit: Ho Lee Phyuck, I just looked at his channel and most of his videos barely crack 2k views and some have less than 1k views LMFAOOOO. He's gotta be making like under $500 a month now.
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    How many cardio bunnies is blaha banging at the ole Colorado ranch for Valentine?s Day? I?m sure he has plenty of sugar free Jell-O shots and clen to go around.

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    site photo upload

    But of course this moron would make the idea of a day in the life of video seem bizarre and weird when it's perfectly normal for you tubers to do. He has no life so what is he gonna record, him fapping or just lying in the bath for endless hours.

    No surprises he would dismiss the idea as being ludacris, he wants nothing to do with even more embarrassing exposure of himself.

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