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Thread: The Plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruz View Post
    diet the first 4 weeks without tbol and then put it in. orals make you blow up crazy when youre leaner. its a waste in the beginning

    i really enjoyed albuterol over clen. the dosages you use seem like what i did and i was very stim receptive. if you use it constantly, you will develop resistance and need higher dosages, you will see what i mean. i would also add a baby aspirin (81mg) every day with it, its actually healthier and more effective like that, the aspirin helps burn more fat

    yohimbine can be used the last weeks but dont combine it with ephedrine and use yohimbine only fasted in the morning.

    t3 is your choice, i wouldnt do it as i was always afraid of msucle breakdown, 200mcg t4 instead seemed better

    last thing:

    400 mast prop is overkill

    mast doesnt do shit for most pople and costs same money as tren

    you would look better and gain way more from 200 test and 510mg tren a.
    just my opinions
    Yea youre right oral wise.

    Whats your reasoning with the yohimbine? Ive used it before as an ecy stack with no issues.

    I got a very cheap test mast blend and was less than just tren. I feel great on mast as well

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    I was planning on doing something like 350 Test, 600 Mast, 400 Tren E, 50 Var, 25mcg T3 when gyms decide to open up (which will be around July in Aus hopefully). Not all at once and with doses slowly rising though.

    Very keen to follow this thread and see how you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boi View Post
    thats why MWF is the goat schedule, keeps both constant rather than the annoying bull shit of having them end up on different days one week and the same the next
    Hey, I just do long esters every 3 days and works great forme. Less pinning frequency and less mls of oil injected + cheaper mg/ml wise. Also, no big deal missing a day while pinning long esters, short ester though...

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