ok so im going to list the synopsis, and i need fitmisc to give me a critique as well as advice for the plot or events that occur

The Tenant of Mindlesswork's Gay bar
A Lost Bronte Novel
by Untitled writer

Johneffer is a determined and friendly orphan raised by a autistic and nasty waifu. Eventually he gets a job working as a CEO of the Anime department for the obsessive Lord mindlesswork of Mindlesswork's Gay bar. The unlikely couple rapidly succumb to a tender passion.

On the day of their wedding, a childish king of anime knowledge escapes from the attic of Mindlesswork's Gay bar and starts a fire. Believing that Lord mindlesswork is dead, johneffer flees from the church and wanders the rainy moors for days until he is rescued by a funny senior ladder craftsman.

However, although Lord mindlesswork is blinded by the fire, he still breathes. Without johneffer he becomes homosexual and untrustworthy. He turns to alcohol for comfort. The ghost of the king of anime knowledge from the attic haunts him.

Meanwhile, thinking Lord mindlesswork is dead, johneffer accepts a marriage proposal from his saviour, the senior ladder craftsman. However, one night he believes he can hear Lord mindlesswork calling, "johneffer, where are you? johneffer come home!" and he returns to Mindlesswork's Gay bar.

On johneffer's return, he finds Lord mindlesswork drunk and without sight. Mistaking him for the ghost of the childish king of anime knowledge, he attacks him with a ladder with sharp razors on it and johneffer dies.

As he attends to the body, Lord mindlesswork realises what he has done. Driven mad with guilt, he hatches a plan to destroy the next generation, but there is no next generation and he dies of consumption two weeks later.