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    need some ideas for the new crime-thriller book i am writing.

    ok so here is the synopsis so far.

    Mangled legs have been turning up all over local gay bar and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a ladder with sharp razors on it, and still nobody has a clue who the autistic killer is.

    mindlesswork is a thick and solid senior ladder craftsman with a fondness for ladder climbing. He doesn't know it yet but he is the only one who can stop the creepy killer.

    When his husubando desu, Johneffer is kidnapped, mindlesswork finds himself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a distorted carbon fibre ladder with an LGBT sticker on it.

    He enlists the help of a homosexual ladder fall victim called the guy who met up with johneffer IRL

    Can the guy who met up with johneffer IRL help mindlesswork overcome his sexy photos of johneffer addiction and find the answers before the confused killer and his deadly ladder with sharp razors on it strike again?

    any ideas for the plot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pooh shiesty View Post
    ok so here is the synopsis so far.

    any ideas for the plot?

    They all have a gangbang at a Red Lobster

    Bill Clinton was gay the whole time and the impeachment was a coverup for that

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    Whoevers reading this does everything they can to not get a boner but they do

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    does anyone remember the Hardy boys? Feels old man

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