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    Forum Rules and how to become a platinum member (Last Updated: 1/18/2018)

    Forum Rules

    1. No spam.

    2. No flamming mods or members.

    3. No racism\religion baiting. Racist slur are allowed in a joking/non-srs manner, but you will receive a ban for promoting white supremacist/hateful propaganda.

    4. No Detective-ing. No posting of personal info about, or photos of a member's that have not been posted by them already on Fitmisc or related websites unless you have their consent.

    5. Any content that is NSFW (porn, nudes, stuff you don't want your co-workers to see) needs to be put in NSFW tags. Threads that are purely porn related should go in the hnngg section and will be moved without question. [NSFW ] image link here [/ NSFW ]

    6. No underage porn of any kind, bestiality or scat porn.

    7. No posting direct links to sources for underground labs.

    8. Banned members may post in banned camp, alts of banned users are considered spam and will be banned on sight

    9. No excessive posts that reduce the quality of the forum.

    10. No embedded gore. If you want to talk about a certain gory video just post the link.

    11. No posting spoilers for current movies, series or books without using spoiler tags [spoiler ] … [/ spoiler]

    12. No advertising of your website/business in signature unless you've spoken to Nine about it first and have been granted approval.

    13. We won't delete your entire posting history on request. Please think before you post. Individual posts may be deleted on a case by case basis at discretion of a moderator.

    Breaking these rules will result in an infraction being issued and or a temporary ban. Habitual rule breaking or a severe infraction will result in the permanent banning of your account. Posts and threads that are spam/flamming/detective-ing of other forum users will be deleted.

    These rules are only guidelines. If you feel you have been unfairly banned, please make a thread in the banned section or pm the mod that banned you (you can find this information by looking at the “Banned Members Log” on the top of the page). If you feel that after discussing it with the moderator in question that the situation is not resolved, escalate it to Nine. Nine's decision is final.

    ~Platinum Membership~

    In order to help with operational costs, you can now become a platinum member by donating to FitMisc. For a minimum donation of $5USD you get:

    Ability to delete your own threads

    Ability to see deletion notices

    Can see and post in Banned Camp

    Choose a new username color (default is green. Can't look the same as mods and admins. Has to be decently visible.)

    Get access to the platinum forum

    Get back your original join date from bbmisc/fitmisc.com

    No ads

    Just click on the red donate button on the top menu bar. Once you pay, please pm me your PayPal name so that I can change your account. I can also take bitcoin pm me for that.

    ~More features may be added soon~
    *Note: The rules in the AAS section vary from the rules in other parts of the forum. Please familiarize yourself with them before posting in that section.*
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