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    You are not too short I think. Better you are satisfied with your natural height, than going for some artificial methods and gain some side effects too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discorecord View Post

    manlet rage

    HAHAHAHa she got owned

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesGlobe View Post
    Women aren't logical, they're emotional. They have no idea what they want because they're so dependent upon their emotional response to tell them. How many women would say that they want a 'man who's in touch with his feminine side'? Unfortunately, while it might work in the movies, women don't respond to that at all in real life. The truth is, as long as you can spark those emotions, your appearance shouldn't be an issue at all.
    Dis lad knowz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Discorecord View Post

    manlet rage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    This is probably the most reasonable advice ITT. But I disagree with your first statement. 6'5' crew
    while it is reasonable advice, its also a little too unrealistic and forgiving. "your appearance shouldnt be an issue at all as long as you spark those emotions" sounds like the kind of tripe you read on a delusional PUA forum.

    Its become so repeated as nauseum that men are visual women are emotional that people actually believe it. The truth is humans are visual creates, hence the persisting popularity of visual media above all other forms of media. Looks absolutely do matter and height is an important component of it.

    If you want some reassurance OP, you can rest safely knowing that while your height is not ideal, the vast majority of men are not ideal either and still manage to find mates. Forums like this and other similar communities sort of deal in a kind of misery porn where the goal is to gleefully destroy everyone's self esteem. Its not like there hasnt ever been a guy shorter than 6'0 that has managed to bang hot broads, it happens all the time.

    Simply your "ping" range will be less than that of someone better looking, just as an average looking woman has less options than her hotter peers. But you still have options and you can either beat yourself up over having less options than someone else, or you can be a healthy person and pursue the options you do have. The internet is frequently not a good approximation of reality because all sorts of co-factors are removed in internet interaction, for the same reasons people can be horrible cunts on here but are completely nice people in person.

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