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  1. Converting myself to Islam. AMA
  2. No trolling in here.
  3. Thoughts on scientology?
  4. Keep your blood pressure low or risk shrinking your brain
  5. Planned Parenthood Exposed
  6. 4 Whites Savagely Beat A Girl In A McDonald's
  7. Pornography is SIN
  8. What is the numisc's go to news site?
  9. Straya kunt makes valid points on murican gun laws
  10. Do you guys think women can serve on the front lines of war along side me?
  11. I was watching Interstellar and I think religion now are really true SRS
  12. You cannot support the troops, but not the war
  13. What does the Religion of Peace Teach Us
  14. Are the muslim brothers returning on this forum ?
  15. A very insightful thought I just had
  16. Police have no authority
  17. We should force athetists to work during Easter and Christmas
  18. if you hate on muslims...
  19. The US government is queer.
  20. (long article from 1950's) Science Discovers The Physiological Value Of Continence
  21. What If History Was Covered Up and Holocaust Was A Lie?
  22. People less focused on recurrent bad feelings when taking probiotics
  23. wake up white man
  24. the solution to wealth inequalities
  25. Never understood why soldiers are considered "heroes"
  27. This Nifty Infographic Is a Great Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy
  28. Muslim lifter/miscers are the biggest hypocrites ever SRS
  29. If I convert to Muslim do I get 72 virgins when I die?
  30. If you are a practicing muslim you should just strap a suicide vest to yourself a blow yourself up
  31. Sean Hannity now supports hip hop...
  32. legalizing faggot marriage was just a distraction from this.
  33. If your religion is worth killing, start with yourself.
  34. Iran's Nuclear Program
  35. FUCK the anti-white male propaganda. its all bullshit MUST READ
  36. Are steroids haram? (Srx)
  37. why does everyone hate jews?
  38. is there any difference?
  39. thoughts on adolf hitler?
  40. why do we allow the 1% to have so much power
  41. Our ony hope against ISIS is mother Russia
  42. Massive pedophilia ring exposed implicating UK elite, MPs, Mi6, etc
  43. Biocentrism crew
  44. Muslims, your thoughts on Erdogan?
  45. Why is Israel demonizing Iran and keeping quiet with ISIS?
  46. Muslims, End times talk....
  47. Friendly reminder to Muslims to fast Wednesday..the day of Arafah.
  48. Lol I went to Shi'a Lectures
  49. Bernie Sanders calls out 18 Billionaires for ripping off America
  50. Political Compass Test
  51. Look at those stupid faggots on BB.com squirm.
  52. Are steroids halal or haram?
  53. Socialism thread
  54. @omega
  55. Sorry, vegans: Eating meat and cooking food is how humans got their big brains
  56. Rojava - fighting for democracy
  57. Ten Obvious Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace
  58. Rapist immigrants
  59. Are bodybuilding steroids halal or haram? By Feiz Muhammad
  60. Muslim Refuge Gang Attacks man in France
  61. Candians welcome syrian refuges
  62. Minnesota Muslims Want Sharia Law Imposed in America
  63. Can we or Should we trust muslims?
  64. How to stop Islamic Terrorism in Europe
  65. If Trump doesn't win the Presidency ban me
  66. ISIS kills 250 women who refused to become sexual slaves
  67. Brutal as fuark. ISIS smashes dudes head with a rock.
  68. Fitmiscers, what is your dream job?
  70. You guys heard about the 4 year old girl? [Religion of peace]
  71. the muslim terrorist attack thread
  72. How did god come into existence?How can he simply exist before time?
  73. Photos in Islam
  74. Does "moderate" muslim exist?
  75. The replacement of religion
  76. I can't wait till killary becomes the first female president
  77. Scared Trump is going to deviate...alot
  78. Hey fellow whites, lets talk about our inherant white guilt/racism over Trump
  79. Be honest about why you voted for Trump.
  80. So Obama just dropped some secret service shit on Trump
  81. Gamergate movement is what led to Trump victory (Butterflyeffect)
  82. this election was a fucking whitelash
  83. Each day gets a bit more cringeworthy/painful since Trump won (look at the youth in Michigan) (Democratic State) (there are not enough SJWs)
  84. Electoral Map and Crime Rate Map side by side - LOL!!!! GTFIH
  85. I made some trump posts on facebook that encouraged debate and were pretty friendly. ALL THE SEXY GIRLS FROM HIGH SCHOOL BLOCKED ME WTFFFFFFFF
  86. you know what? the illegals are smarter than we thought
  87. I can sense small fear in Donald trump voters
  88. Fat paedo cunt Lena Dunham bodybagged by Martin Shkreli over promise to leave if Trump won
  89. People still protesting and crying about trump winning
  90. House of Cards: Mike Pence is angling for President
  91. Millions sign petition urging Electoral College to elect Hillary Clinton
  92. Sheriff David Clarke - Possible Department of Homeland Security Leadership
  93. Anyone else watch the Trump victory speech?
  94. Kid voted for Trump in school mock election...
  95. The Simpsons predict Trumps presidency
  96. "If you are a white man you cannot talk about racism"
  98. struggling middle class?
  99. **The Official Yuuuuuge Trump Thread** Part 1
  100. All socialists should move to canada, so that America stays (classical) liberal/paleo & constitutional conservative.
  101. Let's have a chat on Islam.
  102. Is it possible to make all the sandnig countries good enough to the point where they dont emmigrate?
  103. What do Goldman Sachs and George Soros have in common?
  104. Soldiers of Odin
  105. weird how ethnic theory promotion directly correlates with (((white privilege)))
  106. Considering voting extreme right at next years elections.
  107. The Leftist Fight in Middle East
  108. Religion of Deceit -Lying Muslim arrested for lying
  109. Do you believe in God?
  110. Terror in Turkey! - Must be those damn Buddhists again!
  111. Trump just destroyed mexico (tacos on suicide watch) (cliffs)
  112. Automation will eliminate more than 5 million jobs
  113. Can any scientists here beat Sam Harris' Riddle?
  114. World's 8 richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%
  115. Obama = failure, people really just voted for him bc he was black
  116. [email protected] the people who protested Trump, 10 years in prison
  117. Best argument I've witnessed as for why Trump shouldn't be President
  118. Anyone used to be a leftist at 17-18 years old and then left a sheltered parental safe space to become
  119. This is why democrats will never win again.
  120. Was actually looking forward to TTP
  121. President Trump Saves Australian Farming Communities
  122. trumps that nigga
  123. Trump is really doing it
  124. BERN
  125. President Donald "The GOAT" Trump talks ISIS and what he's gonna do to them
  126. Turns out trump actually won the popular vote
  127. It's only been 1 week and Trump has already followed though with his campaign promises more than any president in the last century.
  128. Other sources of right wing news
  129. Other sources of right wing news
  130. Melania Trump Is Being Abused By Donald Trump (PROOF)
  131. Is Budweiser trying to piss off the only people who buy their beer? (Anti-Trump/SJW commericial?)
  132. Nav Hindu – I Am The New Age Hindu
  133. Why are Liberals/Socialists/Leftists so Ugly (pics compared)
  134. Perfect quote in regards to Liberals/The Left
  135. was muslim prophet muhammed gay ?? misc decides
  136. Hindu Customs and Traditions
  137. Quran 12:76
  138. Rethinking my pro Israel stance - GTFIH
  139. My answer to Omega's response to the thread about black intelligence
  140. Ted Cruz ROTS beta Cuckold Bernie Sanders
  141. History of Hinduism
  142. Trump & Trudeau to form Liberal Feminist cross-border initiative for 'Women Business Leaders'
  143. This is what the Globalist want! SRS! GTFIH even you NINE
  144. Islam is a religion of peace
  145. France & Sweden?
  146. Meanwhile in Finland's right wing
  147. DNC Chair
  148. I concede the fact i do love Obama....
  149. Anyone ever read Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
  150. Democrats actually think you can drop Rocks from the moon and hit Earth
  151. Did Barrack Obama have a speech impediment?
  152. If Obama wire tapped Trump. What should be punishment?
  153. Vice President Pence attacked by Rosie O'Donnell!!!!!
  154. Malik Obama just tweeted out Barrack Obama's birth certificate....was deleted in minutes!!!!
  155. Half the world muslims are inbred (Paki's are 70% inbred)
  156. Omega arrested for calling 911 to tell them he supports ISIS and hates Trump!
  157. Abbas speaks of Peace under President Trump
  158. How is your night vision Omega?
  159. Fox news report: official who 'unmasked' Trump associates is 'very high up,' obama senior officials source says
  160. Russia vetos UN investigation of Idlib chemical attack
  161. Religion of Pedos doing their best GTA 5 impression again.....5 dead in spain
  162. A short story from the religion of piss
  163. Muhammad's Child Wife had to Constantly Wash and Scratch Semen off His Clothes and Even then He Would go to Mosque with Semen on Clothes (let's see Omega Essplain)
  164. Why National Socialism worked, and why they fear it (Mother of all redpills)
  165. Trump - First 100 Days
  166. is eating bacon haram?
  167. Reminded swoll and the mods/admins of his promise to be banned in case trump wins..this is his/her mature reaction
  168. Are aliens real
  169. Martial law in the Philippines
  170. Whats it gonna take for leftists to disavow Islam?
  171. Foreign Aid does more harm than good.
  172. Muhammad, the OG Potato GTFIH while i slaughter omega again
  173. Happy Ramadan!!!! 26 Dead in Egypt in latest buddhist monk attack
  174. Islamic State calls for 'all-out war' on West at start of Ramadan after Manchester attack
  175. Isis calls on supporters to wage 'all-out war' on West during Ramadan with new terror attacks
  176. (omege pill) MUSLIMS BTFO....GTFIH....LOL!!!!!!!
  177. Ramadan terrorist attack thread
  178. is Islam a cancer
  179. wrekin islam
  180. What keeps you awake at night?
  181. It's sad how many millennials support socialism
  182. Isolate all Muslims into their little section of the world. If they are already citizens, fine, if not?
  183. The IQ of Islam
  184. One of the very few honest Muslims....unlike Copemega
  185. Recent contributions to science by Islam :jordan:
  186. "The Sound of Social Justice" - The official WHITE MALE - non libtard song! GTFIH
  187. If You Prefer a Vagina, You're a Bigot!
  188. :jordan:
  189. Thinking of converting to judiasm
  190. March against Sharia LIVE San Bernadino
  191. "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser"
  192. Assad dindu nuffin wrong
  193. LMAO When the greatest left cartoon goes in on the left.
  194. Charities pay people traffickers
  195. SRS Omega - Does this woman represent Islam? How do you feel about her??? SRS questions ITT
  196. Omega get in here
  197. Ready to convert to the religion of peace...Omega plz recommend me a bidet
  198. Omega, your thoughts on Zakir Naik ??
  199. Military discussion - Why Arabs Lose Wars
  200. Islam's real problem SRS - they need to bow down to Jews - great Vid
  201. Some Germans are fighting back - Germans luring muslim men into traps!!!
  202. OmegaCoperon would get killed in middle of Raqqa beheaded. This dude literally does everything anti Muslim. Strongest hippocrite every, living that HARAM LIFE
  203. Religion of Peace.
  204. How to make a successful thread in R and P:
  205. Just Driving on the road in Paris late at night, when some Asians challenge you to a soccer match
  206. where is my new avi you pedo worshiping fagboi
  207. أوميغا الذي هو الحيوان أكثر جاذبية؟ الماع
  208. Proof that Christianity is false
  209. Hillary stole Rhode Island, what a surprise
  210. just your average white supremacist talking about how muslims will take over with their Muslamic Ray Guns
  211. Islam (Omega vs JihadiJohnCena)
  212. Is abortion halal?
  213. Humanoids originating from the south asian country referred to as "Pakistan" should be prohibited from entering areas designated for physical exercise. This matter is of utmost seriosity and will be discussed further in detail within this t
  214. remember tomorrow
  215. The act of detonating a belt of explosive compounds around your person to inflict maximum damage to your immediate surrounding in a designated "suicide bombing" is actually incredibly simple in practice.
  216. Challenge - Find something in the Koran better than this
  217. is there a synonym for "paki geek"
  218. So-called "moderate rebels" in Syria
  219. Open the border they said, embrace diversity they said...wake up Europe
  220. Any one else cringe at the alt right
  221. Hungarians have balls
  222. trumpheart
  223. Just think, this is how Omega thinks/feels everyday. What a shitty way to live life. Kinda makes your feel bad for him...
  224. Trump needs to be impeached, this can't go on like this
  225. Multiculturalism is a cancer. Put an end to immigration
  226. Religion / God
  227. Sam Harris - History of Islam- Omega stay out
  228. Netanyahu: Israel Opposes Cease-fire Deal Reached by U.S. and Russia in Southern Syria
  229. On hot mic, Israeli PM raps ‘crazy’ EU, admits Syria strikes
  230. Why us Chinaman support the North Korean regime.
  231. Who here is a believer in religion?
  232. If Christians had moved into the middle east and taken it over during the crusades...can you imagine how much more advanced the world would be right now????
  233. Calling out non-white ethnics, don't prode the Chinamane
  234. Omega is turning, here is he (Al Fadi) and I (David Wood) in about 2 years
  235. SRS thread-Omega cant dispute this - what muslims really have done....Omega is Ben Kingsley's character
  236. How come white Americans are concerned for Europe when they're in a much worse situation than them?
  237. I ain't seeing the hype with mongrels/mixed people
  238. Official Islam Mogging Thread (cliffs)(debates)
  239. Jordanians (Muzzies) can no longer marry their rape victims
  240. How is Venezuela doing?
  241. Who here is believes in the LORD?
  242. Why do muslims typically have lower IQs ?
  243. Are muslims creationists ?
  244. Uh Oh.... @omega (Muhammad) (Jesus)
  245. Korean War II
  246. How come a lot of whites are so quick to call others cuck, when they are the biggest ones of them all?
  247. South Africa gave up their nuclear power and now they're shit. Why would North Korea do that?
  248. What's the number one reason why Islam has so many violent/homicidal followers? (Poll)
  249. Lol @ people who take North Korea seriously
  250. It's pretty funny to see whites condemning whites.