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  1. logo
  2. Theme
  3. Subforums
  4. Music Section
  5. Sports Section
  6. stats
  7. When you click your username at the top
  8. chat box
  9. Tapatalk
  10. Auto Enthusiast Section
  11. 30 Posts per page?
  12. VIP/Donations.
  13. pg13 titles
  14. AAS section suggestion
  15. music section
  16. why the fuk did you change the main page setup?
  17. Make the Bodybuilding Forum to Misc's Child Forum
  18. Replace Mentions/Tagged with Stats and give us the ability to create user titles
  19. Registration Email = Spam (Gmail)
  20. [SRS] regarding drama/e-fights
  21. notifactions for repping
  22. miscing on the phone...
  23. [SRS] More wiggle room for custom crews
  24. [SRS] Socialize Blue (Theme) Doesn't Show User Stats
  25. [SRS] Notifications
  26. Profile pics
  27. Password protected account sharing section.
  28. Socialize blue theme thread colour
  29. Why cant we see other posters CP?
  30. Make a Music section!
  31. change the "Hot thread with unread posts" / "Hot thread with no unread posts"
  32. fitmisc bookmark icon
  33. test
  34. need longer thread title space (srs)
  35. reputation history tab on the profile page
  36. Change the location of the Lifting and AAS forums
  37. Sports forum
  38. [SRS] Forums to have on the homepage
  39. Ip banned
  40. Remove Rep cooldown on NVious
  41. site on firefox sucks
  42. Profile picture disappeared (not avatar)
  43. Fix link buttons
  44. Problem while on Mobile
  45. Can't make new thread in HNNNNGGGG
  46. edit orginal post
  47. 60 Seconds Between Searches
  48. [SRS] 5 post read limit in 24 hours
  49. Strikeout
  50. authentication required?
  51. thread rating
  52. account authorization
  53. [SRS] Make an Islam subforum
  54. Sports and Martial Arts forum
  55. Youtube auto-play
  56. [SRS] User titles.
  57. How to change the Junior Member?.....
  58. Implement soundcloud tags
  59. ban me
  60. ForumAdmin there seems to be a problem with the SoundCloud tags (SRS)
  61. [SRS] UnMod @Kurd
  62. How many reps do we need to give in order to rep the same person again?
  63. How do I add an avi?
  64. Can i change my accounts email address?
  65. No more dragon slaying WKs
  66. What happened to my reps?
  67. How do i upload pictures from my computer for avi and for thread?
  68. [SRS] 2 Suggestions
  69. Suggestion: rename fitmisc to..
  70. [SRS] Rep Titles
  71. Quoting people.
  72. On old miisc, I can see if a thread is rated 5 stars or not
  73. Calling out ForumAdmin and mods who do something I just got the best idea ever
  74. still pissed that lifting isnt a main page subforum
  75. More PM Space?
  76. Why am i on recharge so much?
  77. Going to join the development team
  78. Make ibby a mod and spam the misc with fitmisc threads
  79. Entrepreneur section
  80. Separating lifting and nutrition
  81. I'm hash tagging fitmisc on all my Instagram comments
  82. [SRS] I'm having this huge as fucking problem. (SRS) OK
  83. Idea: get more traffic (AND WHORES) for free, we just need to all help (GTFIH)
  84. How long to get of spread?
  85. Why the f*ck is "n i g g e r s" censored?
  86. Can we get a cot damn movie/tv section?
  87. @ForumAdmin (srs)
  88. Quotting tags
  89. How do I tag users?
  90. [SRS] Suggestions for fitmisc
  91. we need a proper black forum theme adminbrah
  92. [SRS] Popcorn trail is redundant
  93. [SRS] Why dont you use heisenberg's characters?
  94. [SRS] I feel like we should put jagsthetics in charge of the facebook/instagram/homepage
  95. fix this bug and ban "pissed off lifter" for exploiting it (pic)
  96. Lurking Banned Camp
  97. Let's make it so a thread need 2 ratings before the stars show
  98. ...
  99. [SRS] Make me mad
  100. .....
  101. [SRS] forum admin respond now
  102. what happened to the sport/mma section?
  103. Why can we not see who made rep/neg comments?
  104. [SRS] Modifying the "Whats New" Tab
  105. Change profile pic?
  106. every time i quote someone i get a message saying I was quoted
  107. different timestap bar colour for OP's
  108. The AAS section should be unviewable to guests/unregistered users.
  109. when I click forum I cant see any subsections under general
  110. 503 Service Unavailable?
  111. Requesting to have AAS description box changed.
  112. What in your opinion is a quality thread?
  113. How do you apply for mod?
  114. What does this mean?
  115. can i change my username? [personal privacy reasons]
  116. does only 1st place in the arcade get a trophy?
  117. Who Posted This?
  118. can i mod the introduction forum?
  119. Can we have female section?
  120. [SRS] Can we get...
  121. [SRS] Can we have a music section?
  122. Ban All Of These Alt Accounts..
  123. how do we change our username
  124. What happened to being able to delete your own posts?
  125. change my name to "PuddinPrah" pls
  126. [SRS] Can we get a chat box ffs?
  127. There should be a rule that simply says "No shitposting"? ( srs )
  128. So Are we going to pretend like this is't happening?
  129. Create Subforums for Logs
  130. Tall pictures in platinum members' sigs
  131. just had an idea, think its a good one
  132. How do I make gifs work for my avi?
  133. More than one recipient
  134. Why the fuck does it say i need 25 post
  135. ethnic sections
  136. [SRS] Reduce rep spread
  137. [SRS] admins why are you not booting spammers i report?
  138. Make an FA sub section. I'm tired of these depressing attention seeking faggits
  139. @omega
  140. can platinum accounts post in the ban section
  141. Got no job. Might promote fitmisc
  142. lol if you dont think 40+ straight admin negs for disagreeing isnt admin abuse
  143. [SRS] Omega how mad are you that you negged me 50 times and I'm still green cuz I'm a good poster?
  144. More users
  145. [SRS] help me find my stolen tech.
  146. Tagging
  147. Proposal to Solve the Rep Inflation Problem
  148. Tab logo
  149. Default layout is broken [ipad]
  150. App? Or possibilities for an app?
  151. Smaller avi size?
  152. Log subsection
  153. support for embedded gifv/webm?
  154. Location listed as my weight?
  155. Arcade
  156. I forgot the password and email to my other account
  157. Can you make a yellow rep color? srs
  158. Could u mods/admins delete these threads? Thanks in advance
  159. change 1 min post time to 45 seconds
  160. Pls ban me
  161. Can we have age listed underneath avi?
  162. notifications for groups
  163. Why can't I see past "page 47"?
  164. spank emote
  165. How do I save instagram direct photos?
  166. Interested In A Public Health Degree? - Here Is What You Need To Know
  167. Whyd i get banned from aas section?
  168. This forum isn't on tapatalk?
  169. instagram app stopped saving my pics to camera roll
  170. How do i visit the fitmisc archives?
  171. Thread Prefix
  172. Whyd i get banned from aas section?
  173. Forum should have the image resizing code
  174. Numisc is inflecting my iPhone with adware
  175. Can we make a new subforum
  176. Thread information feature
  177. Fitmisc slow?
  178. CUCK add CUCK thread tag
  179. admin please make these forum gifs
  180. Can we have the option to disable displaying our post count?
  181. Add these to smileys
  182. How to make your dick more muscular?
  183. Glich in quoting system PICS
  184. What towards assume against Fresh York Yankees beginner Johnny Barbato
  185. Inside a Ideal Few days
  186. ChAt box
  187. how to embed this
  188. unblock the word N1GGER
  189. Cant embed mobile youtube vid links
  190. Add this as forum gif, Trump laugh
  191. SRS Is there a reason reps cap out at 42949679?
  192. If i buy a platinum cuck account will you change my name to 'the dude'?
  193. Stop shadowmanning peeps broo
  194. Gif suggestions
  195. ignore
  196. story book
  197. Remove religion&politics subsection and add sticky subsection
  198. Fitmisc 2016 year in review
  199. Can't upload AVI or post links
  200. SRS Problem with pictures not loading on fitmisc
  201. Gallery for Forum Threads?
  202. webm code looks like it needs a slight tweek
  203. What's the best way to upload images?
  204. Removing main misc section and instead having 20 subsections?
  205. Why is the site suddenly all fucked on mobile
  206. anyone know about how to fix laptop screens? srs
  207. getting redirected from Fitmisc to ads
  208. Off topic aas thread
  209. How do I add spoiler tags? I've searched FAQ and General forum, cant find anything. PLZ HELP
  210. Visitor messages don't work
  211. how to fix invalid login everytime (pic)
  212. notifications are a little fucked
  213. m'George Austers
  214. Turn HTTPS back on
  215. make this vynzbrah gif a smilie
  216. Is there a way too embed vidme?
  217. Why am I getting ads
  218. Yo ninebro whats up with the notifs
  219. Request desktop site wont work
  220. Lose the ability to use mouse scroll
  222. Private looksmaxing subforum
  223. What is this shit?
  224. ....
  225. How do you embed mp4 urls on this forum?
  226. notifications are much better
  227. THis is coolest place in fitmisc to hang out in srs
  228. Change rep system?
  229. SRS Close registration for a few months, show banned autistic faggots that a ban is permanent
  230. Suggestion
  231. Goat suggestion
  232. make me king moderator
  233. Mobile App
  234. SRS Some errors on pokemon go smh
  235. SRS can i remap the keyboard of my new laptop?
  236. How do you embed instagram videos?
  237. Emojis srs
  238. can't switch from mobile theme to full site on phone
  239. signature images
  240. Progress photos
  241. forum broken for anyone else?
  242. website address is broken please fix
  243. POTATO Suggestion to improve the "ignore list" function
  244. Rep bug?
  245. Fitmisc wiki page
  246. Found a more suitable gif for :what:
  247. Sig pics
  248. Where are the buttons?
  249. Why are other users getting logged out?
  250. Why cant i edit signature???