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  1. Great link for diet and lifting advice, no broscience
  2. PurpleDrankNJ's Lifting Log
  3. A Fast-Result Delivering 3ON/1OFF Training Template: For Bodybuilders
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  5. in a rut
  6. ~~~~Lifting Forum Rules~~~~
  7. Have Shoulder Pain/Roll? Want Better Gains? Improve Your Posture (NVious Repost)
  8. Cutting Workout
  9. Ok F**k this shit. I need a crazy p/w. sick of these crappy ones
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  11. From Underdog To Top Dog: A Lifting/Dieting/Whatever Log
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  14. PHAT Log to Aesthetics
  15. My problems with I.F
  16. How are these mofos cutting fat so successfully?
  17. ICF 5x5 Crew and discussion.
  18. Official Youtube Lifting Channel Thread
  19. woodberry's one arm chinups log
  20. Is there some secret tip on how to drink disgusting powders?
  21. Natural slingshot training?
  22. Look how succesful my bulk has been going.
  23. Someone help me with my cut
  24. Quick question about intensity and gaining mass.
  25. Addressing a frequent issue.
  26. Consequetive Accumulation Training (Dem Gainz)
  27. Anyone have that Ab routine posted on BBmisc?
  28. ITT: Post what your current supplement stack looks like
  29. Help me decide on a program. 13-15% bf beginner looking to cut down.
  30. How to get big joocy forearms like denis?
  31. How hard do you train.
  32. Need a good intermediate strength training program, no idea where to look
  33. Ed Coan Program (Similar to 5/3/1)
  34. GTFIH for best blog to follow if you want to get strong as fuark
  35. I deadlifted 315 12 times the other day
  36. Do you brahs deload?
  37. Critique this 5/3/1 template I've come up with please?
  38. Routine for lean bulker? Aesthetics not strength.
  39. Stretching Routine for Good Posture
  40. God damn I fucking hate cardio
  41. Tail bone pain after squats and deadlifts
  42. Need new Bands, you bro's have any insight?
  43. Motivational Group Log
  44. ITT: we each share our 3 top tips on lifting/nutrition
  45. swolekangaroo's ICF 5x5 log
  46. QuarkGluon's lifting log
  47. Any of you brahs cycled Animal M Stak before?
  48. Review on Mr. Hyde P/W for someone who is very high tollerance to p/w and caffiene?
  49. Use of bands to increase lifts?
  50. The workout in sticky should be in the bike section.
  51. We need a thread for progress pics.
  52. BIG PARTY need to get ripped
  53. Trying to get sub 11% bf in 3 weeks. Help
  54. Ugly scientists vs bro scientists (IIFYM related)
  55. Does it matter what time you sleep aslong as you get 8+ hours?
  56. Lake / Cabin Workout
  57. Glute/ham pain while dead lifting yesterday (srs)
  58. I've came to the conclusion most old miscers have no idea what they are doing in the gym
  59. At what point did your tear drop start to kick in
  60. BF3 for $5.00 gtfih
  61. What is your shoulder width? (inches)
  62. Calves...
  63. Ab roller good? And does it work your core?
  64. What do I do bros. seriously stuck
  65. Arms are growing too fast compared to forearms
  66. Antares' Cutting Log.
  67. Quick question regarding Upper/Lower Body and rest days or lack thereof
  68. New avi Brahs
  69. Incline Bench Stronger than Flat Bench ?!?
  70. Would you help someone being mugged?
  71. lifting every day?
  72. Guillotine Press, thoughts?
  73. Fuck, dad is still stronger than me
  74. Latsbrah! I am calling you to take my under your wing (literally)
  75. Anyone ever do "no mirror" for a while?
  76. Transitioning From Powerlifting to Bodybuilding routine
  77. Lifting/Nutrition Q&A
  78. DAA shown to be....well....crap
  79. TFW Bar Tips
  80. Bout tooo cut, whats the rep range for cutting ? srs.
  81. Ez Curl Bar vs Straight Barbell
  82. Front/Back squats
  83. Lifting 4 months still have the same body before lifting
  84. Help on first cut
  85. Front squats of peace
  86. Substitue for Reverse hyperextensions ?????
  87. Progress
  88. Legs/push/pull routine (help me brahs)
  89. Things to get right?
  90. Reverse Grip Bench Press
  91. Couch to 5k+ SL 5x5+cutting=???
  93. help me hit 225 bench, 135OP and 315DL
  94. Anyone train "specifically" for hypertrophy and see better muscle gains?
  95. Question about Cholesterol??
  96. Whats your bench and military press?
  97. Links and Info for Fitness Gear/Apparel/Supplements
  98. SS/BLSS/Mods of SS. How much to increase weight by every session?
  99. ITT state what routine you do
  100. Was surfing around. Found this. Thoughts?
  101. Anyone willing to teach me how to use myfitnesspal?
  102. Elbows OUT or IN when performing tricep exercises?
  103. Can't even bulk on this I don't even.
  104. What does it mean when your quads are throbbing?
  105. Brahs with experience in 5x5 GTFIH
  106. Help me fix my bench press problem. (stalling)
  107. [CARDIO] Shin pain after HIIT
  108. Lifting Motivation - Unbreakable
  109. Noob question regarding sleep
  110. Pimptasty's Training Log of Peace
  111. Anyone have a solid shoulder routine?
  112. knee position while squating
  113. 6 months to do it right (cutting log)
  114. Bodyfat % check (will rep)
  115. what kind of exercises do you brahs do to strengthen your abs/core.
  116. Rear Delt Row or Incline Dumbell Rows better for Rear Delts then Reverse Flies?
  117. Deer Velvert antler brah's is it legit?
  118. Gym closed :(
  119. Give me solid routines for the following splits? Beginner lifter.
  120. Routine to target triceps long and medial heads, and biceps?
  121. Wide grip deadlifts are amazing!!
  122. Brahs with lagging traps, GTFIH
  123. SwolBrah's Progress/Lifting Thread
  124. Sumo deadlift vs. low rack pulls?
  125. Sheiko Questions
  126. calf training question
  127. chest training tips
  128. What works best for you for arms?
  129. Solo: Return of the King my struggles to aesthetics
  130. Back progress pic, First year of training.
  131. Upper arms huge as fuck, forearms tiny
  132. First Cut Advice.
  133. Critique my very odd routine
  134. Does anybody else feel depressed after workouts?
  135. My quest for 15.5'' arms...
  136. Amidoinitrite?
  137. will box squats yield decent leg gainz?
  138. One part of chest bigger than the other, what can I do?
  139. Realistic goal or not?
  140. Critique my fizzyk brahs
  141. Wait, if the body can only have so much muscle Protein synthesis going on at one time...
  142. Ab routines..
  143. Should you eat in the first hour after a workout?
  144. Question for people on ICF's 5x5
  145. Light weight for size?
  146. So fucking annoying working out in a public gym
  147. Hit 385 on bench again....finally
  148. When did Arnold start taking gear?
  149. Leg Day
  150. Lifting Light for Aesthetics? Serious Question
  151. are there any exercises to bring out your adonis belt
  152. Probably the weakest guy on FitMisc....help a brah out... BEST STRENGTH ROUTINE???
  153. Not sore the day after.. Did I go hard enough? SRS GTFIH
  154. what do you brahs think about this ab routine, broscience?
  155. Contests or competitions ?
  156. Ever get tired of the BB lifestyle?
  157. The TRUTH in bodybuilding
  158. Supersetting Military Presses and Pushpresses?
  159. If Ejac = No Gainz, How come swole pr0nstars? GTFIH...AGAIN
  160. What you think about my noob progress?
  161. 1 year transformation
  162. Issues/Personal Experiences with weightlifting on a second floor
  163. Ultimate Diet 2.0
  164. LAWD, you will lol SRS
  165. Losing strength from cutting...THE BATTLE
  166. Finally bulking right for the first time in 3 years, feelsgoodman
  167. 3-4 day routine that hits muscle 2x per week?
  168. Why am I gaining tremendous strength on my cut?
  169. Need help making a workout routine.
  170. when youre on a cut arent your strength/size gains supposed to halt? i mean u wot m8? please respond
  171. Rack Pulls on Upper or Lower Day
  172. Body Building tips for skinny-fat brahh's
  173. What muscles DON'T you work out?
  174. Beware of Prednisone and other corticosteroids. Minor tricep tear from lightweight training
  175. Need new bulking idea for school
  176. Help me, need exercise for this chest spot
  177. Any brahs that can bench 225x12?
  178. Jason Blaha on 90% of gains is made in 3 sets
  179. treadmill or elliptical,buying question
  180. Widening the waist above the obliques? (PLS RESPOND) (REPS)
  181. Is there a way to build forearm width?
  182. Wrist Strengthening Ideas?
  183. Blood Flow Restrictive Training?
  184. How does one effectively incorporate drop sets?
  185. Best tips on how to program workouts?
  186. Any of you brahs play recreational sports while bulking?
  187. How do you build your rear and side delts?
  188. ITT: We Share Unconventional Methods of Training
  189. Back day after deadlifts?
  190. How big are your arms at 10%?
  191. CG bench for upper pecs
  192. Taking a week off lifting will I lose my gains?
  193. Ripped Muscle X, does it work?
  194. Draw out for me an upper body training session with only a pair of 10lb, 20lb, and 25lb dbs
  195. ITT: You post your arm routine~!
  196. Has anyone else's dead lift gone up due to power cleans?
  197. lol @ people who squat ATG.
  198. Must watch video, gtfih.
  199. So how many people in this section...
  201. What Do I Do Next?
  202. Can somebody come up with a good lifting routine?
  203. what do you brahs think about this tweak in my routine? does it make any sense?
  204. Exercises to make you BACK look bigger from the FRONT?
  205. Deadlifting: Rounded Back Question
  206. my bench is weak as shit!!! feels bad man :((((
  207. Balo's Log
  208. Is This Workout Day Weird?
  209. GABA?
  210. BB.com is retarded
  211. 6x6????
  212. ITT: We share our lifting split/routine.
  213. 20% BF Brah Looking To Cut Effectively (help)(cliffs)
  214. Best Core Exercises?
  215. Best way to gain strength on a cut?
  216. Pygmalion's Log - Bulky Time!
  217. Critique my Shitty Squat (vid)
  218. Going back to bulk (the right way) also a question about rest days
  219. Help me create a Fullbody strength routine for my mate
  220. Best progression system?
  221. I think cycling (actual cycling) is killing my gains!
  222. HELP with forearms
  223. Hussein Bolt's lifting log!
  224. Great article on troubleshooting your squat.
  225. Why doesn't my gym training translate into functional strength?
  226. Muscle Inflammation - Right Shoulder.
  227. When to deadlift?
  228. Brahs, check out this 5/2 diet thing... IDK looks weird.
  229. That feel when...
  230. anyone here pull sumo for deadlifts? got a few questions
  231. to people hitting boddy parts 2x a week:
  232. Genetically Weak Muscle/s: How Are You Overcoming
  233. Do you lock out?
  234. is this legit? (sorry no pics)
  235. Diminishing Returns suck. 95kg x 1 rep
  236. Amino Prime and something else
  237. White Menace Log
  238. What do you think of my new (Hypertrophy) Programme?
  239. How to get forearms of the gods?
  240. Honey Grahams a Good Preworkout Carb?
  241. Here you go, brahs.. Just a little warm up
  242. Tired of my girly forearms, finally time to do something about it
  243. Changing up routine
  244. Anyone ever try the atlas stone?
  245. Sumo Deadlifts Officially Hurting Rear Squat ROM
  246. Am I Gon' Make It Brahs?
  247. Bi's n Tri's are well developed is this enough?
  248. How long does it usually take to cut from 14% to 10% Body fat?
  249. Is it possible to expand the ribcage?
  250. elbow pain :( ty for the help